Fresh Start

Discover the tools needed to become free from the effects of offense, hurt, and loss.

Our Vision: See People Live Joy-filled Lives In Every Relationship & Circumstance

Our Mission: Encourage and equip people to live free of negative attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and habits.

Our Methods: Life-Giving Stories, Gospel-Centered Teaching, Redemptive Small Groups, and Practical Resourcing

Our Hope: Christians — through their life and story — would be the best testimony the world has of God’s transforming love, grace, and truth.

Fresh Start meets weekly October through April 4th at the Church on the Rock Homer office (1130 Ocean Dr.), on Tuesdays at 6:30pm Fresh Start is a ministry of grace and truth committed to helping you resolve your past, to thrive in the present, and to look forward to living a hope-filled future! You will find care and compassion, hear life changing truth, personal testimonies and have the opportunity to process the issues of your heart. You can begin even now to “Processing Issues” by writing out your responses to the Lord on the downloadable sheet. This will help you to resolve your past, come to thrive and not just survive in the present, and look forward to a hope-filled future.

Forgiven Forgiving Free

Forgiveness & Repentance

Discover the tools to become free from the cripling effects of offense, hurt and loss through the transformaing power of forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Forgiven - When you give the keys and control of your life to Jesus, you are forgiven.

Forgiving - Forgiving is when you cancel the debt you hold against anyone and eclare that no one owes you anything because God alone satisfies.

Free- When you are forgiven and forgiving, you are free to become exactly the person you were created to be.


We love the term Fresh Start because who doesn’t need a fresh start at some time in life? But that is only the beginning! A fresh start should lead somewhere, which is why we are so excited to offer hope, help, and a truth encounter to lead people to FREEDOM and BECOMING FULLY ALIVE in Christ.

This is a 21-session series that is broken into three main parts: Becoming Relationally Free, Getting Your Whole Heart Back, and Winning The War For Your Heart  In this teaching series and a few supplemental series offered, you will learn how to live in right relationship with others regardless of their actions or attitudes. You will learn how to win the war for your heart as you step into the truth of who you are and utilize all that you are given by the Father..

You were made to be free to give and free to receive. You were made to be free to love and to be loved. You were made to live free and fully alive as sons and daughters.

You Can Be Free!

The Goal:

Our desire is to create an atmosphere of life, hope, and grace. A place where people want to come and see what’s next in what the Father has for them. We want to see hearts healed, lives made whole, and sons and daughters walking in the freedom that was intended for them.

We love to see people come and give away what they have received. We want to see you receive from God and then watch as you give away what has been given. This is the Kingdom culture and we have so much fun living this way! Most of our team is made up of those who have been through Fresh Start or who have had a fresh start experience in life.

The team is convinced that it truly is never too late for a fresh start! Come and experience life and hope with us.

The Tool:

At Fresh Start, we use a tool called “processing the issues of the heart” to help others resolve issues of the past and come to a place where they can fully forgive those who have offended, hurt, or wounded them. We believe that it is both an act of the will and a process of the heart to come to the place where a person can fully forgive (regardless of the other person responses or actions) and release the offense, hurt, and wound to God. There are also many losses in life that people never get over. Our desire is to help others proves these losses and the pain or confusion involved and come to a place where the person forgives and releases this to God.

Along with the sheet above we have the Fresh Start process in booklet form. This is an expanded version of the sheet with more clarifying questions and provides more space for writing responses. At Fresh Start we use this booklet so those with unresolved issues can process easier. If you would like to have one or more of our Fresh Start booklets, please call or email us and we can send you one to you. You can also stop by the Church on the Rock Homer office to pick one up.


We provide opportunities for individuals to get into small groups to be able to process an unresolved issue. The small group time takes place during the second hour each Tuesday night, after we all begin the evening together hearing a life-giving and life-changing fresh start testimony.

Our small groups are broken up into mens and womens groups. Each group has 5-8 people along with 2 leaders from our wonderful Fresh Start team.

For those who do not want to be a part of a small group, who have already gone through one, or are waiting for one to start, we have a teaching series during the second half of the evening.

To find out more about these small groups, please call us or come by on a Tuesday night and join us.

At Fresh Start it is our desire to help lead each person into a lifestyle of forgiveness, where issues of the past no longer affect them. A “fresh start” should always lead somewhere… to FREEDOM! Once freedom comes, people can begin to step into their true identity… as sons and daughters of the living God–Becoming Fully Alive! Once we “become fully alive,” we step into a whole new lifestyle of both giving away what we have received and Winning the War for Our Hearts.

Starting place.

Platform for moving forward in the journey of experiencing true freedom.

At Fresh Start, we believe that God has freedom from the effects for every believe through the power of surrender, repetance, and forgiveness--it's never too late for a Fresh Start. We meet Tuesdays(Oct-Apr) at 6:30pm at 1130 Ocean Dr. 

What is Fresh Start:

Fresh Start is a ministry of grace and truth committed to helping you resolve your past, to thrive in the present, and to look forward to living a hope-filled future! You will find care and compassion, hear life changing truth, personal testimonies and have the opportunity to process through the issues of your heart. 

So How Does Fresh Start Work?

Fresh Start meets every week and has 3 components to it.

  1. Story: Every Fresh Start begins with a story from someone who has experienced the life-altering power and freedom of Jesus through the forgiveness. 
  2. Teaching: Every Fresh Start has a teaching on biblical and practical tools for walking in forgiveness and freedom.
  3. Small Groups: When you are ready, you can join a small group(runs during the teaching portion)

When do You Meet?

Tuesdays at 6:30p-8:00p @ at our office

Upcoming Schedule: