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I Love Homer Counseling Fund

I Love Homer Fund for those in need.

I Love Homer Fund for those in need. Currently this fund primarily provides counseling to those who cannot otherwise afford it.

What is the I LOVE HOMER Counseling Fund?

All of us face challenges, but none of us should have to face those challenges alone.  The primary reason most people do not pursue counseling is because they cannot afford it.  We want to change that.  The I LOVE HOMER counseling fund is for individuals or couples in need of professional Christian counseling but unable to afford it.  Don’t let finances stand in the way of you moving forward in your personal growth.  Click the link below to get the help you need today! 

What does this fund provide?

6 heavily discounted counseling sessions. You will be asked to cover a $20 co-pay, but everything above that will be covered by the fund!

How do I apply?

  • Fill out the application form
  • If funds are available, you will receive a email notifying you that you are approved
  • You have three months to take action and contact your counselor

How do I know if I will be approved?

  • You must apply using the online form
  • Funds must be available
  • You must be a a first-time applicant

So what kind of financial hardship verification is required?

None. If you say you need counseling and you can't afford, that's enough for us!

How do I give to the fund?