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Process Booklet

The Fresh Start Process Booklet

It's never too late for a fresh start!

Use the form below to process through an offense, hurt or loss in your life and experience the power of forgiveness, repentance and freedom. If you want more information on Fresh Start, see our Fresh Start page, or contact us with any question and we would love to help. If you would rather use a printed version, you can print the booklet yourself using the link below or come by the office and pick some up free of charge. Lastly, this process is never meant to be done in isolation. If you are filling this out alone, make sure to share it with someone else when you are done. Deal? OK deal!

Full Booklet(PDF) | Fresh Start Homer Info | Abbreviated Booklet(PDF)


  1. Pray - Acknowledge God's working in your heart and ask him to help you
  2. Take Your Time - Some people do this 15 minutes, others do it in 2 hours. Keep in mind that any of your notes written here will not save if you refresh the page.
  3. Fill in The Notes - If you choose to fill in the empty fields, know that they will be erased whenever you leave this page. When you have finished, remember to email the notes to yourself before closing this page. Also, to save room, the notes you take will be hidden while you do this form.
  4. Email - The only copy these notes will be with you in your email inbox. We do not receive or retain a copy.

1 - Offense | Hurt | Loss

What or who are you processing?

Conflict, rejection, divorce, loss of a job, health or a relationship, loss of a dream or the future, etc...

2 - Affect

How has this specific offense, hurt or loss affected you?

What have your thoughts been?

What have your thoughts been toward the person involved(if applicable)?

What have your feelings been? The following is a list of words to help you identify what you may be feeling in relationship to the specific offense, hurt or loss.

Write the ones that MOST apply to you:

Rejected Hopeless Angry Judged Failure

Abandoned Helpless Bitter Guilty Dumb

Unwanted Out of control Rage Unclean Stupid

Lonely Distrustful Hate Dirty Worthless

Unloved Anxious Resentful Shamed Insecure

Sad Fearful Depressed Ugly Inadequate

Unprotected Betrayed Used Fat Inferior

Trapped Jealous Condemned Loser Victimized 

Using your notes as a reference, write out how this specific wound(offense, hurt or loss) has affected you:

3 - Response

How have you responded to this specific offense, hurt or loss?

What have you said?

What have you done?

What have you decided in your response?

4 - Pour Out Your Heart

Pour out your heart to the Lord:

"Lord, this is how I feel:"

Express your unmet desires to the Lord:

"Lord, this is what I'm disappointed or upset about, or wish would have happened(or not have happened):"

Express your current desires to the Lord:

Give thanks to the Lord:

Tell the Lord in writing that you are giving thanks for the situation and the circumstances, and that you are willing to accept however He wants to use it in your life for His purposes, for your good, and for His glory.

"Lord, I choose to give thanks for:"

5 - Forgive

Forgive the one who has hurt or OFFENDED you

See The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. Here

Write out your confession of unforgiveness - "Pay back what you owe me" - to the Lord, along with related wrong attitude and/or responses:

Choose to forgive the person who has hurt or offended you:

Cancel The Debt!

Write out your prayer to the lord expressing your decision to forgive the person who has hurt or offended you:

Include the specifics of those hurts or offenses and how they have affected you in the past, are affecting you now, or how they may in the future. It may be helpful to us the wording from the parable: Cancel the debt you feel they owe you.

6 - Release

Release The Offense, hurt or loss to the lord

Entrust the person and/or the situation to the Lord

Write in the space below, in the form of a prayer, who or what you are now entrusting to the Lord:

Bless and pray for the person who has offended or hurt you:

  1. Enter email below
  2. Select "My Notes + Original Notes"
  3. Click SEND

If you would rather download a PDF to read and print, you can download the full booklet here, and a one-page abbreviated version here.