Elder Statements

What the church leadership thinks about ___

Our Elders give spiritual oversight to the mission of our church family: Love God, Love People and Make Disciples. They determine our specific mission as a church and also, evaluate our effectiveness in accomplishing those ends. This page of our website will offer for you a collection of statements, from our Elders, on a variety of subjects that effect and shape COTRH. If you’ve ever thought: “I wonder what our church leadership thinks about…?” this page is a good place to begin your search for that answer. Because our church is a living organism, ever growing, maturing and facing new challenges, this collection will be ever developing. As you would expect these statements reflect our Elders understanding of the situation at hand, we are always conceding to the authority of Scripture but it is our hope these statements will make clear for you how our elders understand the application of the truth of God’s Word.

Widow Care at Church on The Rock

Biblical Model For Handling Conflict

Demographic Ministry Standards