Official Summer Sunday Plan 3 services now available + Live Stream + Kid's Church. CLICK HERE

Church Online

Join us this week for church online!


To watch live, please go to our Facebook page. If you are unable to attend live via the stream, the service will become available by Tuesday online via the weekly teaching.

Previous Weeks

If you are looking for a service for a previous week, please click here to go to our Vimeo channel, or check your podcast app to view all posted teachings. If the service you are looking for is not posted, it probably means that we are working on it and will have it posted it shortly!

Declaration of Purpose

As we gather together as God’s family, 

we come with a purpose: 

To invest in God’s work 

and to invest in God’s people.

As He has been generous to us,

we will be generous in His kingdom,

and with His people.

Our time is His, Our resources are His, 

Our hearts are His, Our lives are His

For His is the kingdom, the power, 

and the glory forever, AMEN.

Thanks For Joining!

Additional Resources

#ilovehomer Relief Fund. Click Picture to Find Out More...