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Announcing: Church Center

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Hey Rockers,

What is The News?

This spring we began a transition to a new online giving platform called Planning Center Giving. Over the next couple of months we will be publicly announcing this change and we want to explain why we are changing systems and to provide clear instructions for making the change. 

First, Why Are We Moving Online Giving Platforms?

In short, it means massive savings on donation fees

Stewarding and maximizing your donations matters to us. When we process a donation given online, we accrue a small % fee on every dollar given. While this % fee was initially small and insignificant, our cost in fees with our old online giving platform has gone up over the years and will only increase more over the next couple of years. Our change to Planning Center Giving will save us about $10,000 in our first year, and even more in years to come.

Also, a better platform

With Planning Center Giving, the process of giving is very similar to what you've already used, but even easier. Also, starting in 2022, you can easily access your personal donor history for donations made by card, cash or check, as well as access to joint donor history with your spouse from within the app.

And, just one account for everything

Signups, donations, camp registration, baptism sign up, house church, prayer requests, update mailing address, check in, and pretty much anything else you can think of, is all happening in one place. Over the last couple of years we had online donations going through one platform, sign ups in another, and family info for check-in in yet another. Planning Center Giving is the last step in the process of simplifying everything for you and for us.

That’s it: Easier, Cheaper, Better!

What Are The Next Steps?

Step One: Download Church Center

Church Center is our new home for everything Church on The Rock. While you can get away with doing some of this on the web, absolutely everything sign up, event, update, livestream (and even weekly sermon notes) is on the Church Center App.

Click Here to Download Church Center

Step Two: Verify on Church Center

Just like donating with our old system, you will be requested to verify your identity. Open Church Center, and use the location or search to find Church on The Rock Homer. Select the Church and click sign in. You will be sent a verification code to either your phone or email (you choose).

Step Three: Give Your First Donation

On Church Center, go to the give tab and put in your donation amount. You will be prompted to add a payment method. We highly recommend ACH, but debit or credit works great as well. You will be shown the processing fee (which is lower than in our old system) and be given the opportunity to cover the fee. 

I have recurring donations setup on Pushpay. If I setup recurring giving through Church Center, do I need to cancel my other one? As soon as you initiate automatic giving on Church Center, your Pushpay recurring donations will be terminated from our end and you will receive a confirmation email. If anything doesn’t look right you will receive a call within one office work day. 

I see that I am being charged fees on my donations now, is that more that I was being charged before? In our old system you didn’t see the fees that we accrued on donations. Church Center displays the exact fee to be charged on the donation and gives you the option to cover that fee directly. Also, the fees charged by Church Center are significantly less that our old giving platform.

What is the ACH option? If you choose you do an ACH tr ansfer, you will be asked to verify your bank info before your first donation. ACH basically does a digital check. This option has no % fee on it and it the preferred giving option for most people since it is secure, easy and gives more. Do note that the first donation you make via ACH will take quite some time as the financial system double checks information.