Skip & Erin Bowersox

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After growing up in Southern Michigan I moved to Homer in 1996 to attend Alaska Bible Institute.  It was here in Homer that I fell in love.

I fell in love with my wife Erin and we were married at the end of the Homer Spit.  Later I fell in love with our two little girls (easy enough to do).  I’m so thankful for the family God has given me and I appreciate so much doing life with them.

It was here in Homer, while attending ABI that I learned to love the Scriptures. To this day, almost twenty years later, I still draw from the insights given by my teachers and my study during that season.  It was here in Homer that I truly learned to enjoy the Lord through the truth of his word.

And then, of course, I fell in love with Homer itself.  Not only is the view breathtaking but the unique community of people is equally impressive.  Homer has a collection of individuals like nowhere on the earth.  What a fun, special mix.  You already know this to be true.  I often warn those traveling through; “be careful, Homer has a way of getting in your blood”.

I count it a privilege to serve as pastor of this church, in this town, teaching and applying God’s word by God’s Spirit.  Together, may we do a work with God that requires his faithfulness, our obedience and results in our mutual enjoyment.

Aaron & Jenny Weisser

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Jenny and I are filled with gratitude these days after 16 years of marriage, six beautiful kids, and six years of Church on the Rock ministry in Homer, Alaska. With every new day I am reminded of the reality that we are invited to join with God in advancing His kingdom here on earth. And this not because He couldn’t get it done but because He wanted us to experience the joy and fulfillment of a meaningful participation with Him and the reward of seeing the freedom of the gospel made available to others.

After 18 years of church ministry involvement, I have never been more convinced of the power of the Gospel to transform lives, families, relationships, communities, and nations. We have the good news of God’s love for a world in great need. As we boldly press forward to accomplish our mission, please pray, that He would accomplish His perfect will and plan and that we would reap a great harvest. Eternity is near and certain; let’s move outward with great commitment and gusto and share the joy of knowing the God of all creation with our beloved town and with our world.

Pastor Aaron Weisser

Michael Raymond

Youth Ministry Director
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In the summer of 2010 my wife Allicia and I ventured to Homer so I could share a few childhood memories with her that had developed more than 2 decades earlier. At that point in time we were planted in a small community in Iowa and were well established in a home with our 4 children and in our careers serving troubled youth and disabled elderly folks. We spent much of our free time involved in mission work and loved to often visit a children’s home located in Morelos, Mexico where our dear friends direct a ministry.

While visiting Homer the Lord really grabbed our attention as we encountered a wonderful community, an amazing church, and an opportunity for discipleship. As a matter of fact this impact was so powerful that as we returned from our short trip and went back to our daily routines, things didn’t seem the quite the same. Over the next several months Allicia often mentioned feeling a sense of being “homesick” for Homer and I too shared similar feelings that grew stronger with time and opportunities opened as God began to work. Against all reasonable decision making skills and sound advice from loved ones, God was very faithful in orchestrating a calling and fulfilling a miraculous transition in our lives that has brought us not only just to Homer, but ultimately, closer to Him.

As we have entered into the community of Homer we have found a tremendous joy participating in biblical studies, worshiping within the community, and mentoring those in need. There is nothing more satisfying than showing the love of Jesus Christ to those around us through our intentional efforts to share the Gospel. It has been a privilege and honor to join the Church on Rock Youth Ministry team. I look forward to participating in a program that teaches our youth about Loving God, Loving People, and Making disciples. These are the things God has called each and every one of us to, and with His plan in action a multitude of lives will be changed.

Scott & Pam Fraley

Music Ministry Director

Homer has been my home for most of my life. I spent a few years in Portland, Oregon attending Multnomah Bible College. That’s where Pamela and I met. After we were married and had our first daughter, Charlotte in 2006, we were invited to come back to Homer as the youth pastor at Glacier Baptist Church. It was great to be back home! Having kids helped me to realize the greatness of Homer. Pamela and I both love living here in our tight-knit community. After three and a half radical and adventurous years as youth pastor, I stepped out of ministry and headed back to college. (Actually, I never had to leave Homer!) I enrolled in an online bachelor’s program with Full Sail University.  I graduated with a BS in Music Production.

Anyhow… That’s a few of the details. I’d love to share more with you anytime you’re interested.  My spiritual journey has been long, intense and messy. The story is one of brokenness. I was hurting, broken, alone and hopeless and God spoke into my life and asked me if I was willing to give up my life. Exhausted from trying so hard to maintain control, I began to surrender my plans and ideas about how things should be and that’s when I began to come alive. Now I’m slowly but surely being taught by Jesus how to live with hope, balance, peace and joy. He, Jesus, has absolutely done for me what I never was able to do for myself. He saved me. So… I really enjoy singing about it. Especially with people who have experienced what I have.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Fraley

Kristi Baum

Children's Ministry Director