Classes begin late September and will be available until early April.
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First you will need to get a handle on the fundamentals; we call this our basic training series:

Basic #1 – Apologetics: 3-4 weeks – Teacher: Cate Morris
Discover it is reasonable to believe in things like God and the Bible.  

Basic #2 – The Gospel: 4 weeks – Teacher: Aaron Weisser
The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most fundamental truth for every Christian. The Gospel teaches us what God did for us, why it matters, who we are as a result, and how we must now approach our lives. Without a proper understanding of the Gospel, the Christian life is unlivable and ultimately a great frustration. In this course we will look at the most hopeful message ever heard by human ears and learn what it means to live each day in light of this glorious truth.

Basic #3 – The Word: 4 weeks – Teacher: Aaron Weisser
Learning to study the Bible is the most important step in your spiritual growth journey.

Basic #4 – Intentional: 4 weeks – Teacher: Intentional Team
It’s time for you to embrace your God given mission to go and teach other’s about His love by making disciples.  

Now that you have the fundamentals, we want to help you take some NEXT STEPS by applying the truth to some areas of your life where we all find challenges: like say… your family…or your money

Next Step – Parenting Class: 4 weeks – Facilitator: Skip Bowersox
Hear from seasoned parents on topics such as nurturing, developing your child, and how to discipline effectively.

Next Step – Managing Our Finances God’s Way: 6 weeks – Facilitator: Jared Baker
Learn practical and Biblical ideas about how to handle your money

Next Step – Interpersonal: 2 weeks – Teacher: Aaron Weisser
It’s time for you to embrace your God given mission to go and teach others about His love by making disciples.  

Next Step – The Gospel & Marriage: 4 weeks – Teacher: Steve Tutt

Next Step – The Story: 4 weeks – Teacher: Skip Bowersox
An overview of the story of the Bible, giving special considerations for different types of literature and how we are to (and not to) read them.  Objectives: to remove the intimidation of approaching this large book, to make sense of the chronology of the content, and to give basic interpretation skills for and familiarity to the different types of literature present (history, law, poetry, prophecy, and letters).

Next Step – The Walk: 4 weeks – Teacher: Skip Bowersox
An introduction to the Christian walk for the new believer, the curious, and those needing a refresher.  Disciplines covered: Devotions (Bible Intake & Prayer), Repentance, Joy, Community.

Next Step – Manly Man: 6 weeks – Teacher: Aaron Weisser
There is only one man in all of scripture (besides Jesus himself) that is described by God as the best man on the planet.  Thankfully we have the recipe for what made this man so great and surprise, surprise; it’s full of active ingredients.  Come prepared for a challenge.  Aprons not included.

Next Step – Living Your Strengths: 4 weeks – Teacher:
According to the scriptures each person in the church has been given a unique gift from God that is meant to be used for the benefit of the body of Christ.  Through this course you will be guided through the process of discovering your gifts and understanding their relationship to the overall ministry of the church.

Next Step – Developing Doctrine: 2 weeks – Teacher: Skip Bowersox
If you’ve ever heard a new-to-you theological concept and wondered if the idea is trustworthy, this class is for you.  In this class you will be given simple tools to discern doctrine for yourself.  As a result of this class you will be able to navigate this world of changing ideas with conviction, freedom and continued spiritual growth.

Next Step – Proverbs 31: 5 weeks – Teacher: Pam Fraley
Striving to be perfect, and believing that’s what God wants from you? Comparing yourself to those around you? Join us as we study the ideal woman portrayed in Proverbs 31 and lets redefine our understanding of her.