At Fresh Start, we use a tool called “processing the issues of the heart” to help others resolve issues of the past and come to a place where they can fully forgive those who have offended, hurt, or wounded them. We believe that it is both an act of the will and a process of the heart to come to the place where a person can fully forgive (regardless of the other person responses or actions) and release the offense, hurt, and wound to God. There are also many losses in life that people never get over. Our desire is to help others proves these losses and the pain or confusion involved and come to a place where the person forgives and releases this to God.

Along with the sheet above we have the Fresh Start process in booklet form. This is an expanded version of the sheet with more clarifying questions and provides more space for writing responses. At Fresh Start we use this booklet so those with unresolved issues can process easier. If you would like to have one or more of our Fresh Start booklets, please call or email us and we can send you one to you. You can also stop by the Church on the Rock Homer office to pick one up.