Our Vision: See People Live Joy-filled Lives In Every Relationship & Circumstance

Our Mission: Encourage and equip people to live free of negative attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and habits.

Our Methods: Life-Giving Stories, Gospel-Centered Teaching, Redemptive Small Groups, and Practical Resourcing

Our Hope: Christians — through their life and story — would be the best testimony the world has of God’s transforming love, grace, and truth.

FreshStart meets weekly October through April 4th at the Church on the Rock Homer office (1130 Ocean Dr.), on Tuesdays at 6:30pm Fresh Start is a ministry of grace and truth committed to helping you resolve your past, to thrive in the present, and to look forward to living a hope-filled future! You will find care and compassion, hear life changing truth, personal testimonies and have the opportunity to process the issues of your heart. You can begin even now to “Processing Issues” by writing out your responses to the Lord on the downloadable sheet. This will help you to resolve your past, come to thrive and not just survive in the present, and look forward to a hope-filled future.