COTRH Demographic Ministry Standards

Church on the Rock Homer’s purpose is to equip every believer to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples.  In accomplishing our purpose we highly value; Meaningful Relationships, Disciplined Productivity, Intentional Multiplication, Spirit Empowerment, and Fervent Prayer.

Practically speaking, the development of these three purposes in the lives of believers happens through the pathways of; connecting with God & others and training or equipping.

COTRH has intentionally built a church schedule that facilitates opportunities for individuals to live out these three purposes in their own lives.  To do that we strive to keep our church schedule simple; Sunday Worship, Sunday night House Church (connecting), Tuesday Training, and the occasional weekend seminar.  The exception to this is Fresh Start and COTRH youth ministry.

All COTRH ministries are held to and evaluated by this purpose.  This is what makes a COTRH ministry -accountability to these guiding principles.

To remain consistent with the above guidelines, all demographic ministries are event driven.  Again, the purpose of the individual events is to provide connection or training opportunities in one or all of our purposes; Love God, Love People and Make Disciples

We trust that any ongoing, demographic-specific opportunities (such as Bible studies, or support groups) will be birthed by the Lord leading individuals into meaningful relationships as they are intentionally multiplying through the Spirits empowerment and through fervent prayer.  Those who are producing such opportunities are welcome to seek the aid of COTRH in making that happen (finances, equipment, staffing, etc.).  We love to partner with people who have a habit of disciplined productivity in our three shared purposes.  We often refer to these ministry partners as “friends of COTRH”.

Announcing “friend’s” events: Due to the volume of these opportunities we do not make it a practice to regularly announce them online, in our bulletin or on our stage.  We reserve those opportunities for ministries accountable to COTRH leadership and our simple strategy.

We recommend that our “friends” events are made known through relationships.  Personal invitations.   These simply are the best channel of communication to increase involvement and they are consistent with the nature of the culture of relational influence we strive to create.

Church on the Rock Homer Elders